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Make Your Custom Packaging Boxes Different!

Make a Packaging Different!

Packze is a true Packaging industry adopts a dynamic approach to building a brand. What’s the secret? The brand name captures the emotions of your clients of which specific needs. We Increase of your brand popularity to generate more attention of your customer’s and boost sales of your business. We reinforce of your brand to Make it COHESIVE. We display the better CTAs (Call to Action) to make of your packaging motivate.

Making Custom Printed boxes for the leaders in every industry

Every American home these into find their way! They deliver their biscuits, coffee, tea, cereals, dates, foodstuff clean, fresh, untouched on the long journey from manufacturer to consumer. Billions of these products are sold yearly because their quality is high and unvarying – because people know that these products will be delivered in perfect condition. Once the product leaves the manufacturer, the protection of its quality depends upon its package.

The package is, therefore, of great merchandising importance. It should be planned and manufactured specifically to carry the particular product most economically, most securely, with the greatest advertising effect. The packages illustrated above, packages for hundreds of other famous products, are made by the Packze Company. Each had its packaging problem which we solved by an ingenious device to lock the contents in its carton, a new design of a character suited to the high quality of the merchandise, a special ink to assure uniformity of color or a guarantee of adequate resources to keep pace with large-scale production.

A New Margin of Profit by Custom Packaging

The manufacturer appealed to us. We made an unusual suggestion. A style of carton never attempted before for packing blankets. We recommended a custom box. In place of the expensive packing room staff, packaging machines were installed which required only one girl to feed, and which increased the output by 50% more than the number formerly turned out by four skilled men. The new way, by displacing a costly hand-labor operation, secured a net saving after allowing for all fixed charges on the machines of 66%% in packaging costs.

But the biggest improvement of all was in the package itself. The old box had stayed corners, and a printed label .sometimes two pasted on its face. The new folding box is a complete package in itself attractively printed in colors carrying the message of the product direct to the consumer a tremendous merchandising advantage.

Solving package problems for the leaders in every industry

We have designed packages and shipping cases for all kinds of products -toilet articles, food products, confectionery, medical dressings, inks, safety razors, vacuum cleaners, inner tubes. Each had its packaging problem which we solved – by an ingenious device to lock the content in its cartoon, a new design of a character suited to the high quality of the merchandise, a special ink to ensure uniformity of color or a guarantee of adequate resources to keep pace with large-scale production.

Get the Innovative high quality offset Printing and packaging solution from Innovative printing machines which provide the sharp and inconsistent images results of your custom packaging boxes to make for the successful brands. Packze also provides the 15% discount owing to our machines which reduce of your custom box printing cost and time. We make of your brand more eyes catchy, beautiful and stunning by using the coating options like UV Coating, Gloss UV and etc. Get the economic benefits from our free and fast shipping and die lines and plates charges service which we are offering in the USA.

We have invested millions of dollars in dedicated research and technology staff and are testing facility that exceed the industry standard. Our commitment to these resources helps spring you the most innovative solution possible. We have extensive experience creating impact for the solution for a wide variety of consumer goods. According to that extensive experienced has allowed the top approach for creating perfectly customized these boxes. We are a complete custom boxes wholesale solutions provider offering an array of services in the Packaging industry and other related businesses.

You can hire dedicated resources as an extension of your own team to achieve the business goals and meet the business growth requirements. Packze is a group of seasoned Packaging professionals who have vast experience in the packaging industry. We have developed scalable, high performing custom printed boxes solutions for all verticals. Our experts are abreast with all the latest technologies and always come up with unique solutions to complex problems. Packze offers the innovative green packaging solutions which are Eco-Friendly for the environment and also use the 100% recyclable material for your boxes.

‘If you are concerned about your product’s safety, the costs of packaging, or the customer services your package can render, we invite you to visit our online Packaging Exposition.”

The industrial strength of our giant manufacturing and transportation interests can be relied for powerful support along those lines industrial needs have opened up a number of new of activities. Among the greatest of is that of handling the food supplies of the nation. Elimination of all waste encouragement of greater production cheaper and more sanitary packaging, are points affecting food supplies for the people.

The food supplies for the vast packaging companies, and for the masses of industrial packaging workers are gigantic problems of the Packze, and are made more easily of solution because of the inadequate methods of packaging the food supplies for shipment It has been widely and persistently reported because of the tin and the demand for its use in food, cosmetic and beauty, a Paper Can must take the place largely of tin and other Containers for packaging food supplies.

The shortage of tin reaches into the billions. Packers and dealers everywhere desirous of furnishing contracts for the Packze and for shelf packages for the people generally are thus under a beautiful packaging when we rely upon the new-time methods.

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