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Perfume Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale

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Perfume Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale
Perfume Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale


Our Clients are already enjoying the Economic Benefits of the perfume Packaging Boxes System

Good News,you’re looking for custom perfume boxes wholesale at Packze is the right place. Turn your Christmas shopping into a thrilling treasure hunt! The perfume box design collection is ready. You’ll love it the minute you inhale its fascinating perfume box. We began planning this glamorous and irresistible Pre- Christmas perfume boxes sale immediately after the close of last year’s, and it took all our ingenuity to find Custom perfume boxes wholesale worthy of our second Annual Sale perfumes of distinction perfumes world-renowned in make and quality.

The innovative Palais Royal Parfumerie packaging features a most complete collection of perfumes packing presided over by a connoisseur of perfume. In cosmetics and toiletries, too, we feature all nationally famous boxes products, and our salespeople are expertly equipped to serve you quickly and intelligently.

A New Theory about Perfumes Packaging and Their Uses

We are just a little weary of the traditional theory that there is “one perfume to match your personality”. What is your personality? Are you really the same person from morning until night, or from week to week stop and think about this a little and you will realize that you and every other woman is a many-sided personality. You’re gloomy one moment and gay the next. You’re fresh and vibrant now and maybe a little tired later on.

One evening you may wish to step out in evening finery to the gleam and glam – our and the hectic exhilaration of nightlife, and the very next evening you may wish to curl up in a nice comfortable chair all alone with yourself and your thoughts. There are moments of romance and high adventure… and times when life doesn’t seem worth the living.

Do you recognize these many packaging selves in you Packze, one of the world’s leading USA perfumers packaging, asks the very natural question — how can one perfume box fit in with the changing panorama of your moods, your mind, and even your body And since women are utilizing perfume as an integral expression of themselves, Packze has developed a new way of presenting perfume so that this entire idea of a perfume for every mood may be realized … at not too great an expense.

We have the largest and best assortment in the city from which to choose. Everything is new and up to date, no old, and shop-worn goods, as you will soon observe by filling at the store and noting the articles and prices form:

Perfumes: American manufacture in very unique custom perfume boxes, and a special line of perfume atomizers. Handbags and purses: of the latest designs, bought especially for this Grand Holiday Display. We have a few more nice articles, such as Shaving Sets and Cuff Boxes, Puff Boxes, Smoking Sets Cigar Boxes, Albums, Gold and Fountain Pens. We are always willing to show goods so call early and pick out what you want and we will lay it away for you.

Christmas SALE of Fine Perfumes Packaging

The perfume boxes mockup dramatized in this great pre-Christmas sale are created by the finest perfumers packing in the world. These design makers would add their expertise to any perfume design or style that was of the highest quality and full strength. Only because of changes in packaging and in some instances changes of odeurs are we enabled to present these startling values at such an opportune time.

This page only gives our patrons a hint of the many delightful collections of desirable gifts presented.  Be sure and see our extensive assortments of beaded leather goods, Art Needlework, Stationery, Candies and House furnishings.


Perfume has been loved by women throughout the centuries and with good reason. It seizes and holds, for our more lasting enjoyment, the sweet fragrance of flowers — one of Nature’s richest, yet most fleeting, treasures. The perfumer gathers exotic blossoms from the gardens of the world, and by the process of distilling, blending and adding synthetic over-tones to the essence of (lowers, he can. and does, give us even sweeter mysteries in scents than Nature alone can provide.

Perfume plays an important part in our lives. Some of us may be apt to take it for granted, shop for it indifferently, use it indiscriminately, leave it unopened on our dresser, or even shrug it completely out of our lives.

If you should be guilty of the last offense, I can cite an incident which may help you to see perfume in a new light. A hard-working friend of mine had ignored perfume all her life, until last Christmas-time she received it as a gift. It was one of the more luxurious and seductively-named perfumes.

My friend opened the lovely bottle for one investigating whiff, replaced the stopper, and set the gift on her bureau to keep as an ornament. But night, after night, when she returned home, she became conscious of a pleasant lift to her spirits, of a vaguely sweet in- timacy with the lovely bottle and its contents. A fugitive scent greeted her.

The Greater Value

She began picking the bottle up gently and fingering it caressingly. Finally, she opened it up and inhaled its fragrance in long, appreciative whiffs. When she told the story to me, she complained that the contents were running low; that she didn’t know whether she would wait for Christmas in the hope that her good friend would replenish the bottle, or go out and buy perfume for herself.

Her perfume had taken on a symbolic value, more important to her than its practical uses. But perfume has its practical uses, too. Used as a personal accessory, it adds a finishing touch to your grooming and envelops you in a fragrance that enhances feminine appeal. What perfume you use is purely a matter of personal preference. There is only one rule and that is dictated by a good taste.

Wear a light, delicately-scented perfume for daytime. Save your heavy or exotic perfume for the evening. It must be remembered, however, that perfume reacts differently on different people and, by combining with natural scents of the body, takes on individual character. That explains why some friend’s perfume may seem delightful on her, yet prove a disappointment when you wear it.

This is why it is important, when you shop for a perfume, to try it out on your skin to see how well it clicks before you buy. A good test and one which is available to you at most perfume counters are to put a drop of perfume in your freshly-washed hand and to beg the saleswoman’s indulgence while you go on with the remainder of your shopping. Later on, take a whiff of the perfume, and if you still like it, go back and buy it.

Don’t Violate Good Taste

The use of perfume calls for restraint. An elusive scent is more intriguing than obvious effects. Moreover, you run the risk of violating good taste when you over-use your perfume. Our olfactory nerves, inhaling a scent for any length of time, become calloused to it. This usually makes us poor judges of how much fragrance we are wafting around. A good perfume, properly applied, should last you all day. Take that into consideration when you feel an urge to re-apply your scent. To get all-day benefits from your fragrance, some perfumes tell you to put it directly on the skin, concentrating on the “pulse” areas — the temples, the base of your throat, the back of your ears, the crook of your elbows and the inside of your wrists.

These are places where gentle body heat creates quicker assimilation and helps to hold fragrance longer. Other perfumers tell you to apply your perfume to the inside seams of your dress, inside of the hem and other parts of the garment that are put in motion. While all perfumes can be applied lightly and advantageously, if desired, to linen handkerchiefs or to any cloth of vegetable fiber, there are some that are not compatible with wool, leather or furs. These materials carry a residue of dead animal fats, either present in their original state or acquired through the use of dyes. Some perfumes, therefore, when used on them, grow stale or take on unpleasant distortions of their original fragrance.

The perfumes that usually react best to such materials have an animal base. Whether you apply your perfume to your skin or to your clothes, an atomizer’s one of the most and best economical methods of putting it on, since the spray distributes the fragrance, instead of concentrating it in spots and gets you the most out of every precious drop. You can get atomizer bottles today that are cap- tight and evaporation-proof, and that keep your perfume safe from spills even while you travel. If you prefer to keep your scent in its own handsome flacon, you can find atomizer gadgets to fit almost any bottle the perfumers make. When your perfume is not in use, keep it tightly capped and put it away safe from strong light and heat.

Packze is using the finest raw material for your boxes which totally environment-friendly. We use the 100% recyclable materials because we have to take care of his planet. Our professional staff is here for you to resolve every type of printing, design and production issues on chat or quick phone service and get a free quote.

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