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Candy Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale
Candy Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale


Sweet, Candy or Confection?

The British know exactly what they mean by a sweet, and North Americans,likewise, are certain about a candy. In their respective cultures each word means sweet-tasting, interestingly textured, small, sugar-based item. It is eaten with the fingers and does not usually form part of a meal. Dazzling in color, variable in shape, mostly long-lasting and sometimes tasting very strange, they are much loved by children.

Chocolate is an essential part of notions about sweets and candy, but, although extremely popular, it does not form part of this book except in passing. It has its own considerable history and cultural significance, and requires very different skills and equipment to those used with sugar. ‘Candy’ is a word of ancient derivation that can be traced back over millennia to India. Historians of sugar generally agree that the skill of refining
cane juice first developed here, over two thousand years ago, together with a vocabulary of Sanskrit-derived words, including sakkar and khanda. Both these probably indicated grades of solid sugar with a crystalline texture.

The words were transmitted with the skills of growing and refining sugar westwards through Persia, reaching the Eastern Mediterranean by the tenth century. They eventually gave European languages phrases such as Spanish azucar cande and English sugar-candy, describing sugar in a crystalline mass, such as that in sugar loaves. European settlers took sugar to the New World, and ‘candy’ became the term for small sugary items in North American English.

‘Sweet’ appears simply to be descriptive of candy: it is sweet to the taste. Some cultures are more interested in the idea than others, notably India, the Middle East and the Anglophone world. But the notion of ‘a sweet’ is more complex, as one writer found when considering different cultures:What is a sweet? When I first embarked on my research, it seemed simple. A sweet was a little something you carried around in your pocket to eat outside prescribed mealtimes. But that is a modern, Western idea of a sweet. In fact, every nation has its own idea of what a sweet might be.

From this simple beginning, Renaissance Italians evolved the collazione. This was a lavish, expensive assemblage of sweetmeats with table decorations sculpted in sugar. Part food, part entertainment, a collazione was a feature of an important celebration. The idea spread through the European courts, becoming in England a banquet composed of fruit, wine and sweet foods, fashionable during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Relaxed, intimate, fun and frivolous,these informal treats were often taken in special rooms or little banqueting houses in gardens. From these precedents, the dessert course of a meal came to consist of sweetmeats – pastry, cakes, fresh or sugar-preserved fruit, macaroons,jellies and marzipan, often further decorated with candies. The word ‘sweet’ is still sometimes used to refer to items for dessert.

Charles Williams, Dandies Sans-sis-sous, c. 1818, etching, showing the interior of an early 19th-century English sweet shop displaying cakes and jellies as well as candies.Sweets also developed the diminutive ‘sweeties’, commonly used for items aimed at small children, and became entangled with the notion of goodness, as in the French bonbon, Spanish bombon and Portuguese bombom, while Dutch lekker literally means tasty. Words for sweet things are sometimes subverted by slang for adult concerns relating to drugs and sex, though ‘bonbon’ still has cachet and implies high-quality candies in North America.‘Lolly’, Antipodean English for sweets or candies, originated as an English dialect word for the tongue, surviving in British English as lollipop, a sweet on a stick. In North America these are known as suckers, perhaps with a parallel derivation.

In 1862 Henry Weatherley listed dialect terms in England: ‘the“Loggets” or “Cushies” of the eastern part of the Kingdom; the “Tom Trot” or“Butter Scotch” of the north; the “Humbugs” or “Lollies” of the south; the Suckers and Hard bake of the west . . .’2‘Spice’, the local name in parts of Northern England, reflects sugar’s former place among exotic imports such as pepper and cinnamon.The word ‘confectionery’ ties sweets, candies, chocolate and patisserie together and reflects medieval European attitudes to sugar, when it was perceived as something that enhanced health. From the Latin conficere, meaning to put together, the action of compounding, it gave English ‘confection’ and related words, and the archaic word ‘comfit’. French confiserie, Italian confetto and German Konfect share this derivation, and the Spanish buy sweets in aconfitería. Originally, ‘confection’ related to medical uses of sugar, derived from medieval Arabic perceptions of this as a beneficial substance. These were heavily influenced by the doctrine of the four humours, abstract ideas of hot,wet, cold and dry, and associated character types – sanguine, phlegmatic,melancholic and choleric.

Sugar was regarded as ‘hot’ and ‘moist’ . . . Arab apothecaries realized that it was therefore an ideal substance to use as a humoral balance when preparing a drug,either neutralizing ‘cold’ substances, or warming them up to make them more effective.

The Arabs regarded different forms of sugar as effective for different problems: sukkar tabarzad abyad, ‘white rock sugar’ for bladder, liver and spleen problems; fanid for chest pain; and sukkar abyad, yet another form of white sugar, was thought good for digestive problems.The Muslim conquest brought these ideas, and sugar itself, to the Mediterranean, where Venice became especially important in processing it.Confectionery was the province of apothecaries in medieval Europe, and their skills involved working sugar. Vestiges of this can be detected in cough sweets and the words ‘pastille’, ‘lozenge’, ‘cachou’ and ‘troche’, all of which are used in medicine.Considered a drug, a spice and a food, many attributes of sugar were usefulto the medieval physician.

It preserves plant material, can be a vehicle for drugs,and has a pleasant taste that mitigates bitterness. Sugar was hugely expensive in medieval Europe. Novelty and price must have enhanced its status. Apothecaries compounded mixtures to maintain or correct the balance of humours in their patrons, made flavored syrups and understood distilling, linking confectioner yand drinks. They knew how to cast sugar in moulds, mix malleable pastes for sculptures, and make delicate flour-based items. Flour based sweet biscuits(cookies), wafers and cakes are still considered confectionery in Europe.

Good News, Packze is striking the custom candy boxes wholesale packaging with the fabulous look. Craving and eye catchy Candy Boxes Wholesale Packaging Solution to attract of kids inside your sweets.

Get the decent, beautiful and shining packaging results to attract of kids by using our premium quality printing. These shining packaging results also improve of your sale. We are using an incredible detail amazing process images with high quality offset printing adds the snap of the lexicographic by taking advantages of many colors presses or combine technologies in the single pass on the press for label and package that captivate compelling and convincing enough to close to a sale. We have a high-quality packaging solution to protect your product.

Get the premium card stock from us will apply on your Christmas candy boxes and it also protects of your product from damage. Get the quality printing from us at the wholesale rates. You have to pick our different coating options which help to make your boxes more stunning look, beautiful and eye catchy. Are you worried about the extra charges like die lines and printing plates? Packze is offering it free of cost.

Avail the free design help of our expert’s designer who knows that how to give the idea look of your box design.they will also make your design according to your requirement. Our professional designers build the positive kids experience for your candy brand by the free designing support. They also provide a long lasting brand results impact your minds of an audience. They focus that your box design should provide the best user experience of your customer’s so they build your designs according to user-friendly. Customer’s like the visually appealing from your boxes. Our expert’s designer is ready with free designing support 24/7 to give the 100% visually appealing for your chocolate candy gift boxes.

Candy or sweet makes with the sugar which includes other important things such as chewing gum and chocolate. Fruit and nuts also coat with the sugar on the candies. We have the beautiful oval window at bright candy boxes now these beautiful boxes are a stylish way to display your candy or cookies they’re made of solid white cardstock and they feature this beautiful oval window in the front made of clear plastic so you can see your product now there’s also a lot of room up here on the top where you can put your company’s logo or a bow these boxes are shipped to you flatfoot assembly is easy simply pop the bottom into place add with your product We’are going to fill it some candy dropped one fold the sides tuck the flap and add your company’s logo these beautiful crisp white boxes area beautiful way to display your product remember you can find over oval window upright candy boxes at our website at

2 Piece Rectangle Shape Window Printed Candy Boxes

Our two-piece square window candy boxes these boxes come in two different sizes and three different colors we have our gold or silver and our white they feature this beautiful square window cutout with the clear plastic so you can see right inside and see your candy they shipped to your flat butt assembly is easy you would fold over the larger pieces followed by the side and tuck each flap right into place so that it holds nice and sturdy and the same thing on the other side check your flap right into place now you can place in your candy and these are paper marks beautiful candy liners you can get these at calm as well take your top piece assembly is exactly the same fold over the sides and the corners and tuck the pieces right into place the same thing on the other side fold over tuck right into place your lid on and you are all set to remember you can find our beautiful two piece square window candy boxes at

Heart Candy Boxes

Today we want to show your food shop our heart-shaped candy boxes they come in gold chocolate and in red in two sizes large and in small and the best part about these boxes is they have slots in the very back so that you can thread your ribbon through and keep it attached to make a beautiful presentation you can use any kind of ribbon I’ve grosgrain two colors of double face satin here for a layered look or even organza ribbon you can use wired or non wired and we recommend using about four feet for the large and about three feet for the small boxes.

Let us show you how to do this is an example of what your box can look like we have this beautiful red BB satin ribbon inserted through the slots inside we have our heart-shaped candy pads which we sell along with our candy cups which you can also buy from us but the great thing about these is it keeps the ribbon attached to the box so let us show you how you make the ribbon work we have four feet for the large this is black double-faced satin you simply insert the ribbon through the slots on the inside of the box and then just make sure that it’s even and then you’ll add your candy your food safe barrier like our candy pad and then the lid it’s that easy and then I’m just going to tie a simple bow you can choose to do one fancier if you like and then you may need to snip the ends of your bow just bit to make the tails nice and even now you have a gorgeous heart-shaped box please check out all of our valentine and gourmet packaging at

How to Fold the Swirl Window Printed Candy Boxes

We’ve had some requests for a how to fold the swirl window candy boxes so we’are going to give it a shot. Start with this white box lay the box inside facing up so the window is on the inside of the box and fold up the flaps of the lid first then the four sides of the inside box pull those snacks okay then these little corners here become the front corners and you push them in we’ll just do one at a time and push the corner against the side then the side unflap over here comes down and it’ll actually lock down there there’s a little tab it’s all scored nicely so it’ll lock down you do the same thing on the other side hold the corner in bring the flap down and you want that corner to be flush with the side now you fold it down it’ll just lock in place so um the back it’s just the same way you fold the corners in and keep those laying flat against the back and then the side flaps come down.

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Packze have the perfect Eco-friendly solution which is the total fulfillment of your desires and get the 100% recyclable material from us during the production. We are going to help you at the critical point real brand and real customers connect to the shelf. we know what’s the right out there five months of adverting channel. What your design is not compelling and unique? you have to just send us of box dimensions and details to get a free quote at the lowest rates from our packaging expert’s.


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