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Pie Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale
Pie Packaging Boxes Solution Wholesale


Good News, Get the custom cardboard pie boxes wholesale at Packze Preserves by premium card stocks. Let’s Preserve of your tempting delicious food in the Pie Boxes by the quality Printing & Premium Card Stocks.

Every occasion is incomplete without a cake or a pastry, even if there is no occasion or festival and you have a sweet tooth like me then every single day is incomplete without these things, I don’t why but whenever I am happy, sad, angry or even when I am feeling nothing, I crave for sweet things just to lift my mood. Since childhood I love baking and I don’t include baking in cooking, for me it’s an art, passion that you never get bored of, but as much as it’s important to have a perfect recipe for a yummy cake, its equally important to have a good presentation and packaging because that’s what people notice first before trying your cake, they are going to see how your cake looks, if it looks presentable and tempting only then they are going to try it. So even if your cake is delicious but doesn’t look good, no one is going to taste it.

So if you talk about presentation then there are a lot of ideas on the internet as to how you can decorate your cake using different colors of butter cream and topping, but if you want a good packaging then pie boxes would be perfect for your cakes, pastries, cookies and other baked item and will keep them crispy, chewy and fresh, just the way you like it. So if you want a durable packaging to keep your pies & pastries secure, then Pie packaging Boxes is what you are looking for. You can use it for cakes, pastries and other baked items and make a long lasting impression on others by putting a ribbon, labels, stickers and make it more presentable. These containers are available in many sizes like 6”, 7”, 8”, 9” and 10” to meet your requirements.

Advantages of a custom pie box:

•  Also some boxes have a cello window, which will let you show off your pretty cakes and pastries.
•  They also are recycled and thus, supports in keeping your environment clean and green.
•  They are durable and strong that allow you to deliver your baked items easily.
•  These boxes are reasonable in price, easy to use and are easily available everywhere.
•  If you intend to start a bakery, then these boxes will act as a cheery on top for you, as it gives an impression that you have a five star bakery.
•  They are also available in different designs, to satisfy your inner perfectionist.
•  These boxes can also be bought in bulk, in order to get a discount.
•  They keep the items fresh and protect them from getting ruined.
•  They are available in different sizes to accommodate different sizes of cakes.
•  You can also get customized pie printed boxes from different stores.
•  You can also offer your guest to have the cake from the boxes and make it look like you ordered from a bakery.
•  It’s very easy to assemble and used by most of the top bakers.

Pie Boxes are available on different online stores like eBay and amazon, where you can get these boxes in different deals, different size and colors and they also deliver on time, and many stores are offering discount on these boxes so it making its price reasonable enough.

These boxes use 25-30% less fiber than other materials and that fiber comes from sustainable forestry initiative, they are eco-friendly as there are no chemical used in its making and is therefore, the best choice for your pies and other baked item’s packaging.

If you want to retain your customers or if you want have a long lasting impression on your guests, then you should definitely buy pie boxes, these boxes protects your cakes and pastries from moisture and air, you can also get foil enhancements and decorate this box with beautiful embellishments and get your bakery’s logo printed on it so that even if your customers forget your bakery’s name that box will remind them and customers will then be able to suggest to buy from your bakery.

You can also print the ingredients of the baked items, nutritional facts, net weight and other things that you want to mention on your boxes and this will give you a competitive edge against your customers. These are boxes are heavy duty and therefore, durable and keeps your items hot and fresh In short, these boxes is going to give the finishing touches to your deliciously yummy cake, pies and pastries and will make your item more presentable. Since these boxes are made from recycled products, so you won’t feel guilty after using these, instead it’s a small step towards making your environment green and reduce wastage and you can also mention this on your box that you use products that are eco-friendly and thus, fulfilling your social responsibility.

Do you wanna get the much higher quality printing for his cardboard pie boxes? We convenience and attract of your customers inside your cardboard pie boxes by visually appealing results which Packze provides the high-quality printing machines and finishing options. It is easy for Packze provides the premium quality offset printing at the lowest cost and get the major economical benefit from quality printing according to latest trends. Get the shining and eye catchy results for your boxes by coating options are grabbing your customer’s attention.

We are more affordable as compared to our competitor ’s because our clients are also enjoying the real benefit from our free die lines and printing plate charges. don’t worry about any type of product and packaging damaged. We have the innovative solution through the premium card stock which also protects of your product from damaged packaging. Packze is also saving of your cost by free and fast shipping service within the USA & Canada.

Get the innovative design ideas with the free design support for mini pie boxes from our talented designers who will help to make the real design which easiest to use for your customers. Packze is offering the free design support 10 years expert’s who know that how to give the better user experience of your customer’s through for your box design. They have the latest designing ideas and trends which apply to your box so that your boxes will look at the more attractive, beautiful, and eye catchy. Our design is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

They know that your customers of the first impression allow for a greater percentage of success. It gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and allows interaction between you and your targeted audiences. do you wanna make the real design for custom pie boxes? Our expert’s designers are here for you so that they can provide the perfect design solution for your boxes.

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We believe the Eco-friendly packaging solution which is suitable for your boxes and our production team is also applying the 100% recyclable material during the production. Get in touch with us to make the real and perfect design on the Phone call or you can get a free quote from packaging expert’s who will give the ideal quote according to your expectation at the cheap cost. We are also available 24/7 on chat, phone, and email.


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