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All Attractive Custom Cookie Boxes Style & Design

for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween Occasions
EnergyFirst has been featured on
All Attractive Custom Cookie Boxes Style & Design
for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween Occasions
EnergyFirst has been featured on
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EnergyFirst Success Story
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EnergyFirst Success Story
"EnergyFirst has given me energy, higher metabolism, and immunity! Get your exercise and get EnergyFirst!"
Jimmy D.,*
CEO of a large manufacturing company

EnergyFirst Success Story
"I recommend EnergyFirst to everyone, simply because it is the best!"
JJ Flizanes*
Named BEST personal trainer

Definition and Scope of Cookies

Cookies use for any occasion to treat for special celebrations but cookies use all over the world. The cookies are using thousands of years but cookies use for recipes for all ages of people. Cookies make through the dough or butter that similars to some to of cake batter. Basically, A cookie is known as a dry version of a beautiful cake but the big difference between the dry cake and cookie is the liquid content.

There have been many types of cookie cartons that used a systematic understanding of the effective packaging of cookies.

Packages in which cookie gifts have been exchanged with some other “special” person or friends are generally called cookie-exchange packaging or gift-pack in packed boxes. Cookies are packaged for the preservation of their qualities. To get it done properly, first of all, we must investigate completely problems that packaged Cookies may come across in the distribution process. As there are many hazards in the distribution process, it is necessary to protect Cookies from them. To protect Cookies from these hazards, there are many means, and Cookie packaging is one of the most important methods.

Easter is very “special” events in world and christian people celebrate it for Jesus Christ. People are very happy on the Easter and share the cookie gift with our family members, friends and community groups. Are you looking at the cookie gift packaging partner? We print the small cookie gift boxes on Easter event. We also print the best style Easter egg box with window.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy how it makes them feel. On Valentine’s Day, a single cookie with rose will set you back $8. Two days later, it’s just $5. While you clearly get better value for your dollar after Valentine’s Day, the market dictates that Valentine’s Day cookie with roses are more valuable on February 14th.  The value of your Valentine’s day boxes aren’t just in the price you charge; it’s what the customer perceives it to be. What makes something more valuable is the important story the valuable customer was able to tell himself after he left the florist’s that morning.It might appear that people buy the results that you promise or the benefits that your products deliver.

Are you looking for a transport solution to pack for biscuit? We’ve personalized solution the rectangle cookie boxes for pastries, and cupcakes. Your cookie are securely packed in the rectangle box style. Rectangle box style is SIMPLE BUT USEFUL style FOR SMALL and large cookie boxes.The rectangle style may be used for tiny decorations that need to be very precise and accurate, and rectangle styles are also great for larger jobs like filling biscuits or cakes. One of our favorite things about paper rectangle style is that you can control the boxes. They are easy to make, but it might take you a few tries to make the perfect box.

Benefits of rectangle box style

  • Protect your bakery products
  • Build trust and loyalty to your customers

The cookie monster favor boxes are the most popular paperboard container. The preprinted and die-cut blanks are folded and glued by the folding machine. These cookie monster treat boxes are shipped collapsed to the food companies. They can be operated smoothly with an automated filling and packaging machine. They are used widely in the food industry.

These cookie monster party boxes are also used in aseptic packaging systems. Aseptic packaging systems are already widely used and are considered optional for products such as cream, fruit juice, and seasoned foods. Food and beverage companies are looking for convenient, lightweight packaging’s that are attractive.

Monster party boxes can be fashionable packaging’s with a range of colors, printing designs, label graphics, and closures. On the other hand, there is still a very serious problem. With today’s changing lifestyles, many materials are used for packaging’s, and waste disposal becomes a social issue. From environmental and ecological points of view, glass bottles have benefits as returnable or reusable containers with an effective recycling system.

One of the main purposes of empty packaging is to isolate the biscuits from contact with microorganisms that spoil or deteriorate the foods. Empty cookie gift boxes are modern packaging and now have a greater part in the packaging industry. The growth of the food industry has been so rapid that biscuits are used for many fields of packaging. Empty girl scout cookie boxes packaging are processed by many methods, such as laminating, and coating. Foil, and various papers are laminated to make composite materials as flexible packaging.

Clear lid cookie boxes are defined as packaging of individual goods and states for applying suitable materials or containers in order to attract the consumer or to protect product quality. Since packaging includes all operations necessary before the product reaches the consumer, it should be planned to meet distribution processes and the external environment.

In the United States, the Packaging Institute, U.S.A. (Beckman et al., 1979), says packaging is the enclosure of products, items, or packages in a wrap, pouch, bag, clear lid box, cup, tray, can, tube, bottle, or other container form to perform one or more of the following major functions:

1. Containment for handling, transportation, and use.
2. Preservation and protection of the contents for required shelf life and sometimes protection of the external environment from any hazards of contact with the contents.
3. Identification of contents, quantity, quality, and manufacturer.
4. Facilitation of dispensing and use, including ease of opening, reclosure, portioning, application, unit of use, multipacks, second use or re-use, and working features such as are found in the cook-in pouch.

Clear window cookie boxes Packages must be designed to meet internal or external difficulties that may be encountered at respective stages of distribution, to protect goods safely from such difficulties, and to send goods to the consumers satisfactorily. The clear window containers packaging engineer and researcher must know that the food packer’s main aim is not to sell a package but its contents.

Packaging is referred to as consumer type, industrial type, shipping type, etc., but this terminology is used loosely.

Box sewing packaging is used by the materials. These are paper and paperboard, and others. Paper and paperboard includes paper bags, laminated paper, paper cartons, corrugated fiberboard, and so on. Are you looking at the cookie box sewing supplies in the US and Canada? We are best sewing supplies.

Processing of dough boxes are easy. Dough carton processes are simple, such as various coatings, lamination, die-cutting, folding, and carton making. These supplements the water-resistance and moisture-proofing, give barrier qualities, increase functions, provide variety, and enable mass production.

Paper and paperboard containers have suitable stiffness, which is necessary to keep the packaging containers intact and to protect the contents such as fragile cookies and crackers. This stiffness also makes it easy to transport or pile up the containers, and increases merchandise effects.

The various kinds of automatic packaging offset printing machines have been developed to increase productivity, according to the various shapes of the take out cartons. It is also possible to systematize the packaging process from production to receiving and delivery.

The materials of paper and paperboard take out containers are light and collapsible. Their transport is easy because of compactness. They are cheaper than the other materials. These become important factors in view of increasing demands from the market.

Cookie bouquet boxes that are coated have been used for candy bouquet containers. Recently coated paperboards have been used to make the bouquet containers for candies. In addition to these candy bouquet boxes, bag-in-carton and bag-in-box are widely used for bakery containers in the food packaging industry. Bag-in-box and bag-in-carton have an inner bag made of different combinations of paper, coatings, plastic, and aluminum foil to achieve the barrier properties required by each product. These are now being used for wine, ground coffee, and cakes, among others.

Although the term cartons may refer to packaging containers chiefly made of paperboards, the term is sometimes considered to include not only paper cartons but also paper tubes, paper cups, paper holders, or even cookie presentation boxes that are not for packaging but are chiefly made of paperboards. The manufacturing process for display cartons is basically printing, die-cutting, and carton making. Various coatings on paperboards are chosen according to the usage and functions of the cartons. Biscuit presentation boxes are generally superior to other containers in such packaging functions as explanation, protection of contents, easy use, easy handling, etc., and they have been used for the longest time, in the greatest quantity and popularity, for the circulation of consumer goods.

These boxes have been used for mailing. However, due to changing distribution systems, the shortage of manpower for transporting and recovering the bottles, and the increase of labor, cost, etc., conversion to non returnable containers, chiefly paper cartons, has been rapid.


Are you looking for custom boxes with different shapes and sizes? We customize the different shapes and sizes according to your cookies packaging design requirements. Sometimes, you want to just make the wholesale large cookie boxes with window but many customers demand us the small or large Christmas cookie boxes with dividers on the Christmas event. Family or friends want to share lots of “special” gifts on holidays or Christmas event.

Paperboard is traditionally one of the principal materials used for packaging. Small cookie cartons can protect bistic from losing vitamins and flavor due to exposure to light, especially fluorescent light in store dairy cases. Aseptic packaging can be applied to the biscuit carton by using hydrogen peroxide as a sterilizer.

But rising bistic prices and availability of materials such as paperboard encouraged can manufacturers and printmakers to develop lowercost printing base container materials.

A great number of cookie containers are currently manufactured for sealed packagings because large cookie boxes have many advantages for preserving foodstuffs. Product lives have become shorter due to the diversification of our eating habits and new product variations.The long shelf life of products is not a major concern for food packaging companies because of improved logistics with the cooling chain. Therefore the biscuit industry has introduced new packagings to cope with these trends.


Template is basic step to build for folding cartons. Packaging companies cannot make the design without template. Packaging template is a skeleton of any custom boxes.

Do you want to plan to make for cookie on Christmas, holidays, and Halloween events? Your plan is ready and you can be applied it within some minutes but your oreo or fortune cookie box template is not ready. We can be done your templates. We will make the Christmas cookie box template free for your cookie design. Packze has been prepared many of diy packaging box templates. If you are looking for template assistance. Our design support will develop the free large or small cookie box template. Besides, if you want to make free printable cookie box template from our design team. Our design support team will be easily done your printable cookie box design with template. Are you looking for difficult template options for Christmas cookie boxes with window? Our diy cookie box template is more attractive, color full and elegant.


You can display your cookies in the many styles. These styles will make your brand more attractive. We are mentioned these cartons styles below.

The packaging styles have a very important for your small or individual cookie box with window packaging. Besides, Our cheap cookie boxes with window feature provide big benefits to display for your cookies to customers and friends. The difficulty in featuring window is a result of a wide range of functions in materials and technology. Brown and kraft cookie boxes with window are defined as techniques and states for applying suitable materials or containers to biscuits in order to protect and maintain product quality during shipping and storage.

White cookie box with window design can solve your marketing issues, but our designers aggressively create the your design can empower the millions of your customers. Window design is a responsibility.

In packaging business, cookie boxes with dividers design usually does two things. It serves as the visual shorthand that helps people to make decisions about your brand: colour, typography, packaging, architecture, uniforms, store layouts, and on and on. It also shapes the user’s experience of your products and—if it’s good design—makes them work better. Design is your brand’s fingerprint—the outward sign of your DNA. Bakery boxes with dividers design can make ideas tangible, elevate the value of a commodity beyond its function, and make something more desirable by changing how people feel. Store layouts and cookie box inserts packaging design can change how much people spend in the moment.

If your packaging is your “why,” your clear lid is your “possibility.” Your clear lid is your destination. It’s a projection of the impact you want your business to have in the world. Your clear lid is a style of intention about how you, your business, or your brand will influence the future.

A white cookie box clear lid informs the day-to-day running of your business and shapes your strategy for the future. It focuses on the impact you will make on the lives of your customers.

Are you looking for the cookie double wall tuck top for sales purpose? The double wall tuck completes your cookie counter display needs. It’s not display your cookie but you can securely pack your cookies for retail purpose and shipping process.

Drawer style is best to display your cookie in an excellent manner for kids and other peoples. Drawer style also protects your cookies from any big damage.

Cookies Gable Bag

Are you looking for the attractive promotional for the cookies through the gable bags style? Gable bags are great choice for your cookie promotion. Gable bag style is the best design which is opened from the top. Basically, The gable style is mostly using for handle. We can customize your cookie gable style with excellent window attractively showcase for your cookies.

Do you want to give of cookie gift any friends or Relatives on Valentine’s Day, Christmas,Easter and Halloween Occasions? You want to pack the cookie gift in the excellent manner but you don’t know how to pack it? You can use the beautiful ribbon for the cookie gift purpose.

Design, Samples or Mockup

Are you looking for creative cookie packaging mockup free design support? Let’s hire our creative designers with free design support who will make a special stunning design for your packaging. Our creative designers know the importance of design improvements. Are you looking for rapid or best cookie box design improvements? Our designers will quickly improve of your design, however, They will also focus on the right designing things such as font size and colors. They will be achieved your creative box design goal. We enhance your design super quickly and become beautiful, User-friendly and eye-catching very quickly.

In Search of the Soul of design

One of the key purposes of cookie packaging design box, beyond simple legibility and contrast, is “personality”. Personality is the emotional impact of our work—how it communicates with people, the characteristics it conveys, and its mannerisms. By understanding some of the implications of aesthetics on perceived personality and intuiting the rest, we are able to give our work soul. To give it a feel. Very unscientific, but very real notions. If the design was as simple as Gestalt + von Restorff + Cultural Convention = Interface, then it would already be a robot’s job, and—while this book is rooted in the understanding and proliferation of scientific concepts—I’m not in any way prepared to dilute design down to the purely “proven.” To do so would be a disservice to the craft.

The soul of a work of cookie box mockup psd, cookie box artwork or design is the human touch, the considered hand of the craftsperson shining through, and it’s a profound impact on emotional response and attachment to a product or interface. This intangible vibe is something that is always evolving within us as designers. It’s those little details that—at the right moment, in the right way—communicate more than just function or causality, and reinforce personality. By using our skills, knowledge, and taste to produce designs that are witty, humorous, sympathetic, or myriad other aspirational characteristics, we find ourselves closest to the truth of our craft—we are here to serve emotion. A huge part of this is to appear—and more importantly to actually —be genuine.

When Christmas or holidays rapidly come and you want to make the delicious cookies on the holiday and Christmas but you want to make these cookies more beautiful from Christmas cookie boxes bulk. If you are looking at the order for cheap cookie boxes in bulk options? We will happily accept your bulk small cookie packaging boxes at cheap rates. Let’s buy our cheap cookie boxes bulk with different digital and offset printing options like coating, matte, and foil stamping.

Maximum environmental improvement by the Eco-friendly packaging solution at Packze. Make the quick environmental improvements with our recyclable material. Enjoy the Eco-Friendly solution much more. If you have any questions in the mind for his cookie gift boxes, You need to contact us multiple support on web chat, Phone call, and Email so that you can get the quality packaging for his boxes.

Paper and Paperboard

Paper and Paperboard

Paper and Paperboard

Papyrus was used in ancient Egypt as a paper material, but was too valuable to be used for packaging. A paper industry was established by the English in the seventeenth century. In 1871 improved corrugated fiberboards were produced and applied as containers for a wide range of products, replacing wooden containers. The manufacture of corrugated board has not basically changed since 1890, but effort has concentrated on how to make a light, moisture-proof, and rigid container. The joint use of shrink plastic film with the corrugated fiber box illustrates such a container.

The paper carton now widely used in liquid packaging is of comparatively recent origin and began to be used for liquid contents in 1935 in Japan. This was not effective without waterproof treatment such as wax coating. With the coming of the plastic age, polyethylene was converted into paper coating and permitted much stronger heat seals and moisture protection. In 1960, Tetra Pak in Sweden developed a paper form, fill, and seal system that was accepted for dairy products and fruit juice products successfully. By 1976, the market share of milk paper cartons exceeded 50% in Japan.

For the easy transporting of pastry, cake, etc., various kinds of carrier paper boxes have been developed and used. The carrier is wrapped around the product, and the locks are threaded and positively punched into position on the bottom of the carrier. No glue is required in closing this cookie paper box , as the small stable locks are designed to hold the carrier snug and square.Full display panels at the top and sides provide extensive area for sales messages. The carrier carton also gives full protection to the biscuits, and protects against dust. In selection and design, package strength is preferred. The strong paper of kraft board is used. Water resistance may be given by polyethylene resin Coating. Carrier cartons sometimes compete with multipack shrink films.

Although there is a difference in thickness according to the different size of the container, the water-resistant kraft paper boxes coated on both sides with polyethylene extrusion has been chiefly used. The paperboards are often made of softwood pulp. Are you looking for paper plate cookie boxes? We also make the basket from the paper plate. Many packaging companies just looked at the pink paper cookie boxes. We have available this type of pink paper for your cartons.We use so many card stock options for your boxes. Our cheap paper protect your products from unwanted damages.

Offset Printing Services

Are you looking for the higher level results of digital and offset quality printing services for cookie boxes wholesale solution? Packze provides the best offset printing services at the competitive price. Packze uses the latest and innovative offset printing machines. Our machines printing results are so stunning and fabulous that your customers will like your unique packaging look. Our printing machines provide the higher level of quality printing satisfaction without any printing error. We provide the beautiful and unique packaging look for your cookie packaging boxes will get more attention from your customer’s.

Offset Printing Process

Offset lithography, also called offset and litho, is used for printing most paperboard folding cartons and some labels. It is also widely used for publication and commercial printing, including newspapers, books, greeting cards,business forms, and direct mail advertising. It is the most paper-specific of all the printing methods. Lithography means literally “stone writing”.Lithography is a printing method with an artistic history. Since its development in 1796, it was used first for illustrations. Color was added in 1837 to create chromolithography, and later it was applied to reproducing photographs.The process makes sharp clear images and is economical.

Offset Printing process

Side view: Offset Printing process

The principle of the lithography’s based on the water and grease don’t mix.The plates are made from aluminum, coated with a photosensitive material that is exposed to the image, and developed with a chemical that differentiates the image from non-image areas in terms of grease- and water-resistance. The image area of the flat printing plate is grease-receptive and therefore repels water (hydrophobic). The non-image area repels the oil-based ink but holds water. The litho printing plate is rotated first in contact against a wet roller that covers the non-image area with a thin film of water (with some additives). Next the plate rotates against inked rollers, picking up the oil-based ink onto the ink-receptive image area, but repelling it from the non-image area because of the film of water. The process is called offset.


Printing color plays an important role for your cookie box. You can print us any type of color for biscuit containers. Please check the popular colors which are using for your cookie containers.  

Printing color plays an important role for your cookie box. You can print us any type of color for biscuit containers. Please check the popular colors which are using for your cookie containers.  

Do you want to feel the excitement and energy of customers by using the printing color?  Red cookie packaging color is a hot and strong color which represents energy and excitement. 


Coatings use in a different variety of packaging. The attractive printing and coatings can be used to extend the shelf life of biscuit boxes. These coatings not only decreased weight loss, but also imparted an attractive shine to the fruit surface.


We can use the lamination for your packaging and lamination packaging consists on the thin multiple layers of paperboard, paper, metal and plastic films but lamination is the excellent barrier for the gas, moisture, fog and air. Every layer provides the strong protection for your cookies.

Lamination with paper is done to allow for strength and printability. Lamination makes possible reverse printing, in which the printing is buried between layers and thus not subjected to abrasion, and can add or enhance heat sealability.

Die and Plates

Our printing plates are so excellent. Your cookie box print color results will be alright by using these plates. Our printing plates cost is $750 but our printmaker makes the die and plates within the free of cost.

Advantages of our Offset Printing Service

1: Setup cost is very lower for short and large quantities
2: Print quality and Color control’s excellent
3: Consistent High Quality Images

Our well-respected artist is the eye and printmaker is hand for your final artwork because innovative offset printing techniques can be more complicated. So, Our artists provide free support for your final artwork.

Advantages of Using a Offset Printing Service Provider

We’ve seasoned offset printing professionals who more quickly update you about the top innovative technology. Our experienced printmaker has a vast level of knowledge of print cookie box materials. Our top printmaker has been used and tested the artistic approaches lots of times on cookie box print on pdf. Our printmaker will provide high quality results with 100% guarantee. Our printmaker will guide you as an aesthetic. Besides, Our printmaker will be made a valuable art advisor.

Is there any possibility that you could receive some kind of samples without investment, you would like to get a feel for the boxes, their weight and quality. We send random samples to our clients to check material and printing quality. Once you proceed with us will dispatch sample kit against your order number and if you want samples of your own boxes then you will have to proceed with 1000 boxes.

History of Packaging

The history of the food package goes back to the dawn of human civilization. In ancient times humans may have used perhaps a cup from a large leaf or vegetable shell as a simple container. Egyptians made mummies and preserved their contents in original form in the hope of revival someday. As time passed, packages and containers became tools for subdivision and transportation of goods, as well as elements of ritual, and became rooted deeply in the human life of respective ages.

cookies are an important part of the diet of all humans and have been since the earliest times. Although the origins of many cookies are unknown, there is no doubt that the range and sophistication of cookies have increased dramatically over recent decades. Much of this growth can be attributed to developments in packaging, which have made it possible for a large national and international trade in cookies to flourish. Today, a wide variety of quite different cookies are consumed in the home, at work and at a myriad of sporting, leisure and entertainment activities, and the full range of packaging media is used (either alone or in varying combinations) to bring these cookies to consumers.

Today, there are many examples of a total system approach involving one packaging company acting in partnership with manufacturers, particularly in the food industry, in developing, installing and maintaining the whole system from the point of packaging to the point of sale. In the case of cookie packaging, this has tended to go one step further and includes the food processing. This is inevitable if, as with aseptic packaging, the processing and packaging is inevitably closely integrated. This has led to cookie packaging manufacturers being closely associated with food processing, and this in turn has led to packaging solutions which are highly cost effective.

In another way, the manufacturers of cookie packaging have also gone further than most packaging manufacturers in studying and getting involved with solutions for the logistics of distribution from the end of the packing line to the point of sale at the supermarket. This has resulted in maintaining, developing and expanding cookie packaging in paperboard-based packaging. Solutions have been developed with the worldwide market bearing in mind the serious wastage of food which occurs in the developing world as a result of the lack of suitable technology that can be adapted to local needs.

Good manufacturing practice

The International Good Manufacturing Practice Standard for Corrugated and Solid Board was published in October 2003 by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the European Solid Board Organisation (ESBO). This is concerned with the manufacturing of corrugated and solid board in a controlled environment as far as quality, hygiene and traceability are concerned.

Packaging operation

Solid fibreboard packaging can be supplied either for easy make-up by hand or by machine.

Waste management

As noted, solid fibreboard cases are usually one-trip containers after which they can be recovered and the fibre recycled. Where special conditions apply, such as box cleanliness and appropriate return transport, solid fibreboard cases can be folded flat after use and returned to the packer for re-use.

Cookies boxes, with lids, can be used for the collection of waste paper and paperboard. They are used by some local authorities in the UK instead of plastic boxes. The boxes can be attractively printed to encourage their use and display the collection calendar dates. They can be used in a variety of situations, for example kerbside collection schemes and in offices, homes and at supermarkets. The boxes themselves are recyclable.

Packze provides a cost-effective solution for the packaging of a wide range of products, many of which are fragile. There are ancillary benefits, in the sense that multiple cavities can be customized for the collation of difficult to-handle products. The environmental benefits include features shared by all paper and paperboard-based packaging, namely those of being recyclable, biodegradable and by being based on a naturally renewable resource.

Many of biscuit companies search the packaging companies which make the cookie boxes wholesale bulk. These local and international packaging companies find the wholesale cookie packaging supplies, and in modern ages when demand for greater quantities of better quality processed food has grown, we have achieved the development of a large food processing industry capable of meeting such demand both in quality and economy. Packze makes the biscuit packaging according to wholesale solution is more suitable to meet food preservation demands, both in economy and quality. Our wholesale cookie boxes solution are very important to any packaging company. Besides many packaging companies search Christmas cookie boxes wholesale solution on the Christmas event. If are you looking the wholesale solutions within USA and Canada? Packze is the wholesale cookie packaging supplies for your packaging.
Our packaging company also knows it that many small packaging companies which make the biscuit and these companies want to just get the cookie packaging boxes wholesale solution. Our packaging wholesale solution saves your extra cost for packing. Many small and big packing companies don’t provide you wholesale solution. These companies charge the extra packaging cost from you want to save the extra cost. Cookie boxes with window wholesale are generally superior to other packaging companies in such packaging functions as printed explanations, protection of contents, easy using, easy handling, etc. Our wholesale solution has been extensively used for many big packaging companies for the save of extra cost. And we are readily adaptable to modern wholesale solution in packaging that are affected by a changing social environment.

The aspects of cartons that offer the largest degree of adaptability are listed below.:

1. Printability is superior. Offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and typographic printing can be used according to the usage,purpose, and quantity of the packages.As the wholesale printing is done on biscuit in general, a wide variety of designs can be effectively printed. This is a great advantage in increasing the image quality effects.
2. Processing is easy. Carton processes are simple, such as various coatings, lamination, die-cutting, folding, and carton making.

We’re also providing so many card stock options for your boxes which will protect your products from unwanted damages. Our die lines and plates charges are zero. Many of packaging customers don’t find the important benefit but lose a lot of money when they come to actually have the talk with any packaging company. In reality, Packet Will provide your packaging free shipping within the USA. Are you looking for advanced printing options to make your Christmas cookie boxes more attractive, color full and elegant? Let’s start now our different printing options like coating, matte, and foil stamping.

Questions & Answered

Basically,cookie boxes use for the cookie packaging also protects your biscuits.

It will be depend on your custom cookie box size.