Custom Printed Packaging Boxes Wholesale

How the buyer does complete the ultimate online journey for the Custom Printed Boxes

The beautiful and eye catchy custom printed boxes are impacting your online presence and sale by the social media and search engine and your customers appreciate of your packaging and also remember it for the long term. They also share your successful packaging story with the friends and family members. We’ll talk about the successful custom packaging boxes in this article that how any buyer does adopt the journey for his custom packaging. We’ll show for you every step of the packaging solution that which steps will be involved in the custom packaging boxes.

These are five steps for packaging process which will be discussed it.

  • Get a Quote for packaging
  • Approve Art Work from professional designers
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipping

Get a Quote for the custom packing boxes

In the 1st packaging step, buyer searches the packaging keyword to visit the packaging companies so that they would get the quote from these packaging companies but buyer look at the free quote because lots of packaging companies take the extra charges for the quote which provide the printing and packaging solution. The packaging experts get the demission’s, color and printing specifications from the buyer so that they would send the quote after the final custom packaging cost in the buyer Email. The buyer read it and he goes to the 2nd packaging step which is artwork.

Approve Art Work from professional designers

The packaging experts also ask from the buyer that he has already done the artwork for his packaging design. The buyer says “Yes”. Then, the buyer sends the artwork files for the final approval. The packaging experts also ask the other question from the buyer has not done of his artwork. The buyer says “No”. Then, He gets the support from the expert designer which makes of this packaging design. Then, the buyer approves it and goes to the 3rd step which is produced for your custom printed boxes.


In the production step, your packaging design ready for the production. The buyer wants to also look at towards the production that how many packaging companies are charging for the production. Either, these companies will also provide some packaging discount such as “No die and plate charges” but the buyer doesn’t know that how much cost is saving from this offer. The buyer saves the $700 – $800 from this packaging offer.

Quality Assurance

In the quality assurance step, the packaging experts maintain of your packaging quality such as color quality and durability. Do you want to think about of your product durability that How they do maintain it? The packaging experts use the right paper cardstock for your custom boxes so that your products are not damaged. They also maintain the packaging quality by making of your packaging design more decent and eye catchy.


In the shipping step, your custom packaging ready for the shipping within some business days but we want to aware it that you’ve to take the final benefit for the “Free Shipping” so that you can be saved the own packaging budget.

Do you ready to start this packaging process after to read of these five steps? Packze provides the easy and smooth process for your packaging. Get the instant answer from our packaging experts on the Phone Call, Email, and Chat Support.

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